Foot Pain Treatment

Ankle and foot pain can occur at any age for a multitude of reasons.

It is generally more common in athletes, especially those who do a lot of running. This is due to repeated high impact absorbed by the feet and ankles and tendency for tight calf muscles. There is also an increased likelihood of ankle sprains due to awkward landings.

Unsupportive and constricting footwear, especially amongst women is also a common cause of foot pain. High heels place terrible strain on the calf muscles (as well as the lower back and hips), while flat shoes or flip flops provide inadequate support to the foot arches.

Common Causes of Ankle or Foot Pain

  • Plantar fasciitis leading to pain on the sole of the foot and/or heel pain. This may be caused due to overuse (eg. running), increased weight (eg. pregnancy) or unsupportive footwear (thongs, flat-soled shoes, high-heels).
  • Sprained ankle due to an awkward landing, pre-existing ankle injury or hyper-mobility.
  • Achilles tendinopathy due to overuse, excessive stretching, foot over or under-pronation.
  • osteoarthritis causing ‘wear and tear’ to the foot joints
  • Referred pain, cramps or ‘pins & needles’ coming from the lower back.